A Give and Take Agreement Studies Weekly

Declaration of Independence: a document to the King of England declaring the reasons for independence, providing evidence of the King`s mistakes and setting out what the settlers intended to do with respect to their concerns: a legal document issued by a ruler or government to a person or group of people that describes the agreements and grants certain rights: A system that gives each branch of the U.S. government the power to examine the other two Ask students to write a paragraph explaining the importance of the separation of powers in the U.S. government. Contract: a legal document created to end a dispute Individual rights: Rights of an individual protected by the U.S. Amendments: Amendments designed to improve a document Assign students to research on the functioning of your state and local governments. Ask them to create a chart that compares the state and local branches of government with the national government. State Constitution: an important document that lists the rules of state government, explains how a state can legislate, and describes how state government shares and shares popular sovereignty over counties and cities: the idea that people should be responsible for creating government and that government must listen to the will of the People`s Constitution of the United States: the supreme law of our country and the blueprint of our government. Its purpose is to describe the duties of the government and the rights of the people who are governed The Constitution, established in 1787, established a government that divided the powers of civil servants and gave them various responsibilities. This lesson teaches students the context of the separation of powers and federalism needed to understand why it is important to vote for elected officials in the next election. inalienable rights: the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.